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I started this business when I discovered how much brand new clothing was going to waste (landfill).  Most of us are aware of how much used clothing is a problem, but did you know that the same applies to brand new clothing also?

The cost to the environment of producing clothes is simply massive. The options available for unsold stock are limited:

• Sell 
• Recycle (fabric content)
• Burn 
• Landfill

The industry is moving fast towards using recycled textiles, but that involves more energy waste, as we have to break down garments and then remake them. So the best solution is to use what exists without any further destruction

This means we should wear clothing that has already been made, particularly if it is brand new!

There are a host of reasons why perfectly good clothing stock doesn't sell.

With such unpredictable weather in the UK, seasonal fashion that is forecast to sell within certain months, often doesn't. Whilst retailers need to keep reviving their store or online storefront by refreshing their stock, and make room for new arrivals.


Sometimes stock just doesn't sell as quickly as expected, or perhaps they were made in different factories and the colour wasn't precisely the same, or the product label was inconsistent with a previous batch. Sometimes a few loose threads on a sample selection will mean the entire batch is rejected ... whatever the reason, a huge amount of perfect quality brand new fashion will find its way to landfilll. 

We're all just beginning to realise (at the 13th hour) how important it is to minimise waste and preserve our precious planet.

At Secret Label we're providing an opportunity for excess stock to be used and worn without any further destruction and at the same time give our customers superb value for money. 

We think it's a win-win.


We're a family business and all involved day to day. We work from offices and warehousing in glorious Gloucestershire.

We're not a faceless organistation run by robots, we're human and here to help. Call us if you have any queries and we will do our best to help. Call us or click to live chat

Call: 01453 297447 | Email: team@secretlabel.co.uk

We're available 9am-5pm weekdays. Outside these hours send a message by clicking the chat icon, and we'll get back to you promptly.


We are able to offer a huge discount on the original store price, but labels are either pen marked or snipped. 

We sell overstock from quality brands including Marks and SpencerMonsoon, White Stuff, Coast, Phase Eight, Warehouse, Oasis, Per Una, Autograph, River Island, Wallis, Evans, Jack Wills, The White Company, Next, Topshop, Miss Selfridge and many more designer brands

If you haven't bought from us yet, you should try us, we think you'll be glad you found us.