What happens to unsold clothes?

What happens to unsold clothes?

While the fashion industry does so much to make us feel good, it allows us to express our own unique sense of style, giving us confidence in our everyday lives as well as providing jobs for billions worldwide, there are still some improvements to be made.The industry as a whole generates a lot of waste, and has done for some time. However, the landscape is now changing, for a more positive and eco future...

The Honest Truth

With more and more of us being more environmentally conscious, we are beginning to understand that change is needed and want to do out bit to help. This transition in attitude is gathering momentum, and slowly but surely everyone is starting to do their bit to help reduce waste in this industry.

The truth is that the clothing industry creates waste, and this has increased as the fast fashion industry has boomed.  Until now the ecological issues have gone unnoticed, but as we have become increasingly aware of the environmental damage it has caused, we are rapidly and actively trying to improve the negative impact that our way of life has on the environment.

Fast fashion is the main culprit. Not so long ago, in the industry there were four seasons a year, when brands and designers would release their seasonal collection. Today is quite different, with some brands releasing new styles every single day. As quickly as a new style comes in, yesterday’s is considered out of fashion. All of this results in a lot of waste. An estimated £140 million worth of clothing is sent to landfills in the UK alone every year source: https://wrap.org.uk/taking-action/textiles, or destroyed creating masses of harmful gasses to be released into the atmosphere.

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Clothes dumped to landfills take decades to decompose while they’re emitting methane and pollute the soil and waters with plastic and chemicals source:https://theprettyplaneteer.com/fashion-industry-waste/.

It’s not just fast fashion though, designer labels are also adding to the problem. Recent releases of data shows that many designer brands also burn masses of clothing and accessories. The reason? To prevent them being stolen or sold cheaply, to protect the value of their brand. This is a huge problem, but the good news is that an increasing number of brands are now addressing this issue at several levels; employee welfare, sustainably sourced fabric, recycling and other ways to reduce the waste

The Solution

The main way in which we can combat this is to build awareness. Thankfully this tide is turning, but the more people that are aware of the issue, the more likely we are to be able to change the industry. We need to shop differently. Instead of focusing on the next new thing, we need to consider the options.  We can shop at charity shops who have a lot of ‘barely worn or never worn’ clothes, often from good brands. 

It is observed that if each person in the UK bought one recycled woolen garment every year, it would save approximately 371 gallons of water and 480 tons of chemical dyes. Today, many fashion brands are coming forward to use recycled fibres and fabrics in their apparel collection source: https://www.fibre2fashion.com/industry-article/7254/textile-recycling--a-step-towards-sustainability.

Believe it or not, that’s not the only option. It’s possible to wear the brands you love, and dress in a way that suits your own unique sense of style, while reducing your carbon footprint. The solution is recycled clothes - making use of clothing that otherwise would have been burnt or ended up in landfill.

How does Secret Label help?

Secret Label is part of the future of fashion, by working with manufacturers to save clothing from burning or landfill. We buy on-trend and quality clothing that would have been wasted, available to you, at discounted prices. We make this possible by buying the stock from cancelled orders and surplus stock, meaning that factories have buyers for their over production, and that the garments don’t end up negatively impacting the environment.

As part of our resale process, labels have been marked or removed.  Hence our name ‘Secret Label’, offering you great quality fashion from fabulous brands, simply with the label removed.  At prices like we have, everyone's a winner;  Buy clothing from us and save it from landfill, and at a massive discount on original store price. How much do you really need a label that no one sees?

The industry is improving, and consumers are fast becoming aware of the need to shop for their next outfit more carefully. Ready to shop our ex high street fashion? Click here to discover our full collection of brand new recycled clothes for both men and women: https://www.secretlabel.co.uk/