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What is Cut Label Fashion?

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In the ever-evolving world of fashion, sustainability and smart shopping are becoming more than just trends—they’re a way of life.

You may already been an avid outlet shopper whether its big retail stores like TK Maxx, or other smaller online outlets

Recently you may have heard of "Cut Label Fashion" on Lorraine... But what exactly does it mean, and why should you care? Let’s dive in and explore the ins and outs

What Is Cut Label Fashion

Cut Label Fashion means high-quality, branded clothing that has had its labels removed or marked over. This happens when major retailers and manufacturers need to move excess stock, or slightly imperfect pieces that don’t meet their strict quality control standards. If businesses like Secret Label, You know whos, and high street outlet didn't pick these items up for resale - they would end up in landfill!

The Origins of Cut Label Fashion

Many top brands produce more clothing than they can sell. Seasonal changes, overproduction, and shifts in consumer trends can leave retailers with surplus stock. Rather than discarding these perfectly good items, they try to sell them to outlets and discount retailers at reduced prices. To protect their brand image and prevent competition with their full-price items, the original labels are often cut, removed, or marked.

So this is where Secret Label works! (click the link to read our own story)

How Does It Work?

We carefully select each style with our customers in mind, we get shown hundreds of different styles but make sure we are picking high quality and timeless classic pieces that we love ourselves, we want to make sure we are curating great styles for our wide customer ranges :)

The Process in Action

1. Sourcing:

We work with brands to acquire their surplus and end-of-line stock. This includes clothing that is out of season, overproduced, or has minor imperfections (wrong size labels, slight colour mismatch to others in the range etc)..

2. Quality Check:

Each item is thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards. We aim to find pieces that are stylish, wearable, and in excellent condition.

3. Label Removal:

This step ensures that you’re getting the quality brand clothing without the brand’s full-price tag. Depending on the brand and the product range, the labels sometimes are requested to be cut or marked, but sometimes the tags are left on too. We say, you don't see the label - so it shouldn't make a difference! We find our labelled and de-labelled items both sell out just as fast!

4. Offering to You:

We make these fantastic pieces available to you through our online store. You can shop from the comfort of your home and enjoy significant savings on your favorite brands.

Why Choose Cut Label Fashion?

1. Sustainability: By purchasing cut label fashion, you’re directly contributing to reducing textile waste. The fashion industry is notorious for its environmental impact, and buying these items helps keep perfectly wearable clothes out of landfills.

2. Affordability: Cut label fashion allows you to enjoy high-quality, branded clothing at a fraction of the original price. You get access to premium items from brands like M&S, Oasis, Reiss, Hobbs, Next, White Stuff, Mistral, Carhartt, Dorothy Perkins, Coast, and more, all at up to 80% off RRP.

3. Unique Finds: Shopping for cut label fashion often means you’ll discover unique pieces that aren’t available in regular retail stores. This gives you a chance to express your style with distinctive items that are both fashionable and affordable.

    Join the Movement

    Cut label fashion is more than just a shopping choice; it’s a movement towards more sustainable and mindful consumption. By choosing cut label items, you’re not only saving money but also making a positive impact on the environment.

    At Secret Label, we’re passionate about bringing you the best deals on top-quality fashion while promoting a more sustainable future. Our mission is to reduce waste and provide you with stylish, affordable clothing that you can feel good about wearing.

    Ready to join the cut label revolution? Explore our latest arrivals and discover how easy it is to look great and do good. Happy shopping!